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BRC Events

As a member of Area 5 we are eligible to compete in the Winter and Summer Qualifiers, success at these qualifies you to compete at National Championships. Winter Qualifiers tend to take place in February and the Summer Qualifiers in June and July. All events are open for teams of 3 or 4 to compete in, with most competitions also allowing for individual entries as well. Jumping heights start at 70cm up to 110cm and Dressage from Prelim up to Intermediate.  Entries for these classes must be done by the representative of each club. If you would like to compete as part of a team or as an individual please contact Felicity at

All qualifiers require us to make preliminary entries 21 days prior to the competition, once you have committed to an entry you will be liable for the entry fee, please be aware that as a small team we do not always have the depth of numbers to replace a member who withdraws. ORC takes an inclusive approach to teams with the emphasis on taking part, learning and having fun, success is an added bonus.

Area 5 also hold a number of points competitions open to all riding club members. Schedules for these will be forwarded to you and entries can be made by the individual. Placings at qualifiers and points competitions gain each rider points throughout the year, the highest point scorer at each level in each discipline is awarded a trophy at the Area 5 awards nights at the end of the year.

For a list dates for Qualifiers, Points and ORC competitions please see our events page.

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ORC at Tackley Show

ORC run the dressage arena at Tackley Show, this year taking place on 29th April. Walk/Trot, Prelim & Novice Classes on grass.  Download the schedule If you would like to assist on the day please contact us

Tackley Show Dressage Times

Class 1

9.30Julia Fairbank Fin  

9.36Sue Alcock Tigga  

9.42Julia Fairbank Bertie  

9.48Hollie Dixon Mae Smynach  

9.54Julia Fairbank Roman  

Class 2

10.12Eugena Barker Betty  

10.18Amanda Geday Dian Darcy  

10.24Lucy Wilmott Acorn  

10.30Beryl Stringer George  


Class 3

11.00Honor Barker Betty  

11.06Amanda Geday Dian Darcy  

11.12Julia Fairbank Bertie  

11.18Libby Reeves Cello  

11.24Emma Stringer George  

11.30Tabitha Howard Scooby  

Class 4

11.42Libby Reeves Cello  


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Summer Dressage Show

Our Summer Dressage Show is a low key relaxed competition open to all members and non-members (with own insurance) and will take place on Sunday 12th August at Over Worton. Walk/Trot, Prelim & Novice Classes all on a surface. The schedule will be available to download here once finalised or via 

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Blenheim Horse Trials Eventer Challenge

BRC in conjunction with Blenheim Horse Trials run an Eventer Challenge Team Competition on the Thursday of Blenheim International Horse Trials. ORC are able to enter a team at either 90cm or 100cm. If you would like to be considered for the team please let us know, the course is always up to height with technical questions so members will need to have shown they are capable of competing at this level, priority will be given to those having represented ORC during the year.



As a member of BRC Oxford Riding Club is eligible to enter teams at EGB events with all scores counting towards qualifying for Championships. Teams can consist of between 3 and 6 members, are interchangeable between events and can be a combination of Juniors and Seniors.

If you'd like to know more about what's involved or would like to be part of a team please contact Claire Competitions start in March and run throughout the year.

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Relevant Rules for Competing

Flu Vaccinations – All horses competing at BRC Qualifiers are required to have an up to date flu vaccination certificate, a copy of which will need to be supplied to the Team Manager prior to entry. You can check your horses flu vaccinations here. For more information please contact us at

Hat Guidelines – All hats worn at competitions must be tagged with the relevant sticker. This must be done by a BRC official who is present at all qualifiers. To check the current standards please visit the BRC website or click here.

Back Protectors – Back Protectors are recommend for all jumping competitions and are required for all Cross Country/Eventer Challenge Events. For current standards please check the BRC website or click here

For a full list of BRC rules in regard to competing please visit the BRC website.